Energize with IREM

IREM Sacramento is excited to announce the launch of our new work-life balance series titled, Energize with IREM. 

As an association of real estate professionals, we understand that the elusive work-life balance can be hard to find.  While our jobs are never boring, we can find ourselves struggling to maintain balance with the never ending to do lists we all keep. To that end, IREM Sacramento will be working to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle, time management techniques, stress management and personal well being.  We will be promoting activities that will lower stress levels, encourage exercise and eating well.  Studies have shown this can create a higher sense of career satisfaction, reduced levels of stress, improved working relationships and an enhanced quality of life.

IREM is committed to providing education and networking opportunities for our members.  We understand that some members are looking for ways to connect outside the traditional real estate seminar.  We look forward to our members joining us at an evening of yoga with your industry peers, a morning hike, a meet-up at a local farmer’s market, etc.  These activities will be scheduled in addition to our regular education courses, and will be open to all our industry peers. 

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